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Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

The solar power generating products or systems that are seamlessly integrated into the building envelope and part of the building components such as roofs, windows or facades.

2 in 1


Perfect integration of solar panel components and building materials.

10% +

Cost saving

Cost is saved compared to traditional solar panel installation and building material implementation.

25 years


25 years super long waterproof warranty, roof safety warranty, power generation warranty.

Solution For 
Next Generation

A transformative innovation with carbon energy savings and decarbonization, creating a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Revolutionising architecture

Flexibility With Grace

BIPV's remarkable flexibility can be tailored to fit any building projects, paving the way for innovative designs and seamless integration into architectural visions.

Solar Rooftop Tile
Nothing else matters
Solar Window Glass
Nothing else matters
Structural Solar Panel
Nothing else matters
Solar Applications
Nothing else matters

More Than A Solar Panel

BIPV solar materials come in shapes and transparency options of your choice

Installation with Customization

BIPV products could replaces traditional and bulky solar panels. It can be used in roofs, balconies, skylights, windows and many other parts of the building.

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